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Don't get lost to the clutter!

As the seasons change and the holidays get closer, many of us can start to feel a bit cramped in our homes. Gone are the days of open windows and living outside, and in are the days of jackets, boots and shopping bags! Maybe your garage is too full for your car, and maybe you mud room is still filled with beach chairs. Either way, you’re not alone!

One way to ensure you aren’t left feeling cramped all winter long is to optimize the space you have. Many of us are guilty of not using little nooks and crannies in our homes and apartment to the best of their abilities. Thankfully, you’ll find a list of suggestions below on how you can optimally organize some of the high-traffic, catch-all areas in your home so well, you’ll forget you ever felt squished!

ATTIC – Store off-season clothing and items in your attic using rolling racks and wall pegs – Maximize attic space with storage bins and shelving – For even more space, consider using sealed, space-saving bags for items like summer clothes and beach towels Create zones and use labels to make it easy to find everything later

ENTRYWAY / MUDROOM – Clear shoes from in front of your door by providing a shoe rack that doubles as a bench for putting shoes on – Put hats, gloves and scarves in labeled, collapsible bins for easy finding

OFFICE Bundle and label cords to keep them organized and manageable – Organize bill statements and other paper using portable bankers boxes, in-drawer dividers and binder clips

BASEMENT – Install shelving underneath stairwells to find some extra storage space – Ensure that things are stored safely, in air-tight bins to fight off any moisture typically found in basements – Consider getting a dehumidifier for your lower level, to provide security that your things will not get wet with time

Hopefully some of these tricks will help you maximize the space in your home, and maybe even inspire you to come up with some amazing new ideas of your own!

Still feeling cramped??

If you feel like you’ve tried all the tricks above and MORE and still feel cramped in your home, maybe it’s time to consider moving! My team and I are always available if you want to consider looking for a more spacious home that you can be in before Christmas!

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