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The area of Hanover was first settled by English settlers in 1649 when William Barstow, a farmer, built a bridge along the North River at what is now Washington Street. The land was the westernmost portion of the town of Scituate, and it would officially separate and be incorporated as a town in 1727.

Today, Hanover is a residential town with a wide array of businesses, schools and churches that serve the community. Notably, the newly developed Hanover Crossing is expected to open next year.

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Hanover Schools

Elementary Schools

     Public; Grades PK - 4;  Enrollment ​414 

     Public; Grades K - 2;  Enrollment ​335

     Public; Grades 3 - 4;  Enrollment ​229

Middle Schools


     Grades 5 - 8; Enrollment 831

High Schools


     Grades 9 - 12; Enrollment 801

Hanover Demographics *



Median Home Value


Median Household Income


Persons per Household


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